Thursday, December 27, 2012

{ Our own Thanksgiving 2012 }

 Above are some adorable swing pics I got of Lauryn and had to share.

Thanksgiving 2012 was nice. 
Except I burnt the ham... yep they wanted ham. not turkey.
On the plus side I had a great little helper.
 We took silly questions to ask each other at the dinner table. Then while the dinner was cooking we drew turkerys on balloons and build marshmellow shooters and let the kids go on a TURKEY HUNT. They had a blast. It was fun!
We had so much fun going to a friends for dessert.

{ 3 Months! }

Hello baby girl!
Your hair is rapidly thinning. You give me giggles when I really work hard for them. You are a mama's girl and demand my attention. No you don't sleep through the night. Yes you have many lady rolls. I love to see your eyes light up. You love to watch other kids play. You give the silliest faces. You have mastered grabbing onto toys and fingers. You hate your car seat. Its awful running errands with you. Everywhere we go I stopped constantly by strangers complimenting your squishy cheeks or chunky roundness.
You get startled easily Keaton and Kailey have to slow down and be mindful of that. You are a chatty kathy. I love having daily chats with you.

{ Busy October! }

 Thanks to my neighbor Kailey was able to particulate in an American Girl fund raiser for the Lauren Faith Miller Foundation. 
"The Lauren Faith Miller Foundation Inc. is a children's charity dedicated to providing financial and emotional assistance to children with congenital heart defects. We are also dedicated to providing educational materials upon diagnosis of a heart defect.We work with Nationwide Children's Hospital Heart Center and Dayton Children's Medical Center Cardiology Clinic.  We are dedicated to supporting all children in the central Ohio area that are affected by Congenital Heart Defects"
The family who started the foundation were very warm and sincere. I was very impressed with their take on the difficult situation they had to over come. The Foundation was started in honor of their daughter, Lauren. If you want to read more about it visit
 At the fashion show the father summed up the story and both John and I had to start thinking of other things so we didn't tear up at the fund raiser.
 Kailey worked the runway like a pro! She was all business. I tried to get her attention for a good photo but she kept looking straight ahead just like she was directed too.
On a warm October day we skipped ward conference and spent the day outside together enjoying the beautiful fall Ohio brings!
The weather was picture perfect. 
Doesn't Lauryn look so funny in her "mug" hat?!  


This Halloween we had Thor, Rapunzel and a chunky Zebra!
We did our tradition of pumpkin carving contest. No one used a pattern this year. Keatons in the first one on the left, then Kaileys (its a witch), then Johns (he was obviously copying Keaton) and finally mine! No its not related to pacman... its a friendly ghost. I think it came down to Keaton and I. 
On Halloween it was pouring ran. I didn't think the kids would last long at all. I was wrong! Lauryn and I stayed to hand out candy. The kids came home and we ate pizza with hot apple cider. I let them chow down on candy and they hardly ate ANY. What the heck?! Maybe they figured out my tricky plan and wanted to save some for another day.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

{ The sweetest girl }

She is sunshine in contagious giggles, a dance party behind closed doors , an endless supply of sweetness and smiles topped with a touch of sass and great style. She is pancakes with extra syrup, a chatterbox in princess clothes and streams of jokes with forgotten punch lines. She is pink cotton candy, glittered painted finger nails, and sidewalks covered in chalk drawings. She has her dad's sense of humor and her mother's heart. She is my Kailey.....

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

{ A visit from Grandma Mary }

My sweet Grandma Mary was able to come visit us in September. We enjoyed having her so much! She was up for anything. We took her all around Columbus, to the zoo, a farm, church and even shopping! The kids loved having her here in our home, and so did I.
She came at the perfect time of year. The weather was beautiful so we were able to get outside and not feel muggy from the humidity. Our favorite part was visiting the zoo. They had pumpkin carvers out and we got to vote on the best one. 

She cooked us lots of delicious food. She got us hooked on some Kroger icecream. Sweet goodness! If I could package it up and send it to Idaho I would for her. I think we ate it almost every night she was here. She is clearly a bad influence on me :)
Funny story...
At the end of her trip we offered to pay for her hotel stay because her flight was very early and the hotel shuttle could take her to the airport when she needed to go. I leave this reservation up to John.
My GPS takes me the long route. Through the ghetto. I was wondering what kind of Marriott has a hotel in the ghetto. We literally cross the railroad tracks finally and things start looking dramatically better. Funny how that is here. Ghetto on one side of the street and mansions on the other...
THANK GOODNESS for Keaton and his over active bladder. We pulled into the hotel and he needs to use the bathroom so my Grandma Mary takes him in so I don't have to unload the baby. While he is using the bathroom she decides to check in. 
A few minutes later they both come out and she tells me the hotel cannot find the reservation. I try calling John but he's in a board meeting. So she ends up just paying for a new room, luckily they had one.
Long story short John reserved the room for the wrong day! 
We were both so embarrassed. Thanks Grandma for not giving us a hard time.
Please come and visit again soon. It better not take me having another baby to get you out here!
( I am not sure if that will ever happen!!!)

{ 2 months old and other happenings }

Look how big!
The little gal is 2 months old. She is getting chunky. Those cheeks seem to fill out more daily. She is constantly eating. She loves to cuddle. And who am I kidding, I love to cuddle her! Who wouldn't?
At 2 months old Keaton weighed 10.6, Kailey weighed 9.6 and our Lauryn girl is 11 lbs 9.5 ounces! She is 75% for weight and 5 % for height, hee hee. Such a short and juicy lady! Look at those luscious legs!

In other news...
Keaton invited me to his K.I.S.S luncheon at school
( Kids invite someone special to lunch. He really didn't have any other options besides his parents, but I like to think he still would of picked us even if there were other family around )
 He loved showing off his little Sister. Look at those "muscles"

I posted this on FB but since I am THAT behind on blogging I am posting it again here. 
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this disaster. 3 kids has definitely broken me since I didn't have a complete melt down. I couldn't be upset with this cute girl anyways. She is so stylish...
Officially big! Kailey learned how to ride a 2 wheeler bike Sept. 2012.
It took her about 5 tries with her Daddies help. He was by her side encouraging her and help her gain her confidence.  She is growing to quick.

{Baby Faces + 2nd Grade!}

 Above was my awesome mid-wide Emily. She was incredible. We shared so many laughs through the whole process. The first time I met her I knew I wanted her to deliver Miss L. So when I called the delivery line on the way to the hospital I was ecstatic that she was on call. Score :)
When she saw Lauryn she was surprised on how much this juicy lady had grown. She said "If I hadn't delivered this baby I wouldn't believe she had been delivered by you." lol.
Then she made reference to my magic milk and how I should bottle it to sell... See she's funny, right?

2nd Grade... when in the world did that happen?
(he is such a stud!)
I was doing just fine taking this guy to school. We met up with our good friends to all walk together. 
Keaton is in Mrs. Millers class with 3 other kids in his primary which is unusual for Ohio. I was so thankful, his best girl buddy from last year was in a different class though. We miss sweet Ali!
 As I mentioned I was doing fine taking Keaton into school. He wanted us to walk him into his class. ( phew. he isn't embarrassed to have his Mommy scene at school yet!)
Sweet Miss K was NOT okay taking Keaton into his class.  She insisted on giving him huggies before he went into class. I am was thankful he wasn't to excited and stopped to give her a hug.
Walking out of the building Kailey had tears falling from her eyes. She was so sad to see her buddy go. By the time we walked out side I too had tears falling from my eyes. We really do miss this boy during the day.
Here is Kailey with all her friends still so upset... she is so super sweet. I love that girl.
We decided Keaton would love to get a special treat after school. So we came up with a clever note and green (his fav. color) apple cupcakes.
This pic below is soo awesome! Perfectly describes every flustered parent during the summer counting down the days to the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR... haha.
Love our friends!